Frequently Asked Questions

What do you feed your turkeys? The feed is a vegetarian mix that contains no animal by-products. It is a mix of all-natural ingredients consisting of mostly corn and soybeans.

Are your turkeys gluten free? Gluten products are not fed to the turkeys, however because gluten naturally occurs in the environment especially in some pasture grasses and our turkeys are free range on pasture we cannot guarantee that gluten will not be present in the meat.

What is the difference between Hens and Toms?

Hen Turkeys (female) are generally smaller and weigh 10-26 pounds.

Tom Turkeys (male) are generally larger and weigh from 30-40 pounds.

Do Hens & Toms cost the same? Yes.

Is there a difference in taste between Hens and Toms? There is no difference in taste, tenderness or quality between hens and toms.

What size should I order? We suggest 1.5 pounds per adult.

What is Dark Meat? The dark meat is what remains once we cut out a bone-in breast. Sometimes it is referred to as the saddle. It contains the back and two drumsticks.

What are Giblets? Giblets contain the heart, liver and gizzard.

When can I pick up my turkey? Turkeys will be available for pick up 10am to 6pm, Tuesday November 23rd and Wednesday November 24th at the farm. 

Should I come Tuesday rather than Wednesday to avoid the Thanksgiving rush? Not necessarily. Tuesday and Wednesday are equally busy. We even suggest picking up on Monday if you are worried about a line.

If I pick it up on Monday or before how do I store it? Fresh poultry should only be kept in a household refrigerator for 2-3 days before cooking. If you are storing it longer your turkey must be kept at a very cold temperature (below 40 degrees). We suggest either a second refrigerator that can be set to a lower temperature and has less traffic or in a small cooler submerged in ice water. When storing in a cooler take it out of the plastic bag or butcher paper. If you are storing your turkey in a cooler for a longer period of time you should add ice on top and periodically drain water out of the cooler.

Are your turkeys ready to go into the oven? Yes, like you would buy in the grocery store. When you get it home take it out of the plastic bag or butcher paper, put in the sink and rinse off. Remove giblets and neck from inside of cavity before cooking.

How do I cook my turkey? Cooking Suggestions are here.

Can I deep fry? Yes, check the size that your fryer's manufacturer recommends.  Fry Safely!

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