Farm to Table: The Turkey Trot

As we approach the end of the month, we want to remind you to order your turkey early.  We have limited numbers and they are selling fast. We ask that all orders be placed online through our website. If you have more questions about ordering, picking up or storing your fresh turkey please visit our FAQ page. We can’t thank you enough for all of the support you have shown us this past month. 

While we don’t know of the specifics of what the Pilgrims and Native Americans shared at the First Thanksgiving in 1621, we can get an idea through first-hand experiences written in journals. Many of these encounters state that there was wildfowl, deer, seafood and an abundance of vegetables on the menu. We can assume that wildfowl did include wild turkeys since the journals stated that, at the time, wild turkeys were hunted often throughout the colonies. Turkeys have continued to be America’s centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table ever since. 

You may have grown up learning about the great cattle drives that took place throughout the United States, but your history teacher might have skipped over the turkey walks that occurred. During these great walks, turkeys would parade down country roads to urban markets in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. The birds would march from areas like Vermont to Boston, Kentucky to Richmond, or Missouri to Colorado. 

Herding turkeys could be interchangeable with the phrase herding cats because of the difficulty it took to contain the large flocks. During the late 18th and 19th centuries many of these trots would include thousands of turkeys climbing rocky mountains and flying over bodies of water that stretched for miles. Often the turkeys would crowd together creating a stampede-like affair resulting in trampling each other to death. If the turkey driver was lucky enough, they could cover just 20 miles per day at a top speed of one mile per hour. These turkey walks were, quite literally, the original farm to table experience.

At Melitota Turkeys we are excited to bring the eastern shore our own farm to table experience. Our farm provides customers with the confidence of knowing where the food on their plate is grown. Through social media content, blog posts and our website we can provide an insight into the family that you can trust to provide top notch care for your food. We are excited to create relationships throughout our community by raising farm fresh turkeys for your Thanksgiving. 


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