Behind the Name: Melitota Turkeys

First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to Melitota Turkeys at Pond View Farm. The Debnam Family is so grateful for the enormous amount of support and kind words we have received through the start of our adventure. As one of the five grandchildren at the farm, I am excited to share more about our farm as well as our family.   

Pond View Farm is currently a fifth generation family owned and operated farm. Through the help of my great-grandfather, Allie Messer, my grandfather began his dream of operating a family farm with his wife, Susan. My family now farms corn, soybeans and wheat in Kent, Cecil, and Queen Anne’s County on Maryland's Eastern Shore with an added turkey flock this year. 

Since launching our Facebook in July, I have been asked a thousand questions about this  whole turkey thing. I was walking into my office last week when I received a blast of texts from a former college teammate that read, “I have some inquiries. What is this newfound love of turkeys? Are you looking to break into the large bird industry? I am just confused but also intrigued, are you over the cows?” Drinking my morning coffee, I laughed to myself as I realized everyone might be asking the same questions. 

Melitota Turkeys was founded after the realization that the eastern shore has a void in the fresh market turkey business. Families were either traveling long distances to get their turkeys or buying from the closest grocery store. We found out that the easy decision was choosing to close the gap in the fresh market business as we sat and brainstormed name ideas for the operation. When the name Melitota was suggested by my dad, we knew it was the right fit when the feedback was all positive.

Melitota is a small area of Kent County that was first known as Willis Crossroads. The village was first created to provide services to nearby farmers. It was known for its general store that was built in 1887 but also had a blacksmith shop and several houses along Route 298 and L Road. I also found out that the general store served as a bar during the Prohibition. Unfortunately, the general store that once sat on Handy Point Road was demolished in October of 2013. 

This general store, or “ the Melitota Store” as we called it that was once essential in the Melitota community became a staple in my childhood memories. We grew up over three hours from the farm so when we saw the old general store we knew we were within a mile of our grandparents house. Whether the past three hours were spent fighting with my brothers, sleeping in the backseat or listening to my iPod, I knew the fun was about to begin.

In the past two months, the iconic white dairy barn that sits on Great Oak Landing Road has been converted to house our turkeys to the fullest extent. We have done our research to provide you with all-natural turkeys from a farm that you can trust. This holiday season we are excited to bring the farm to table experience to you.



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  • Ellen MIelke

    I was happy to read an article in the Star Democrat (I think that’s where I saw it!!??) about your turkey farm! Excited to be able to order Thanksgiving turkeys from you and to be able to donate one to someone! I worked with your great grandmother, the one and only “Grizz” for quite a few years. She would love this!

  • Dawn White

    I’m from Melitota my grand parents and my parents ran that store till it was soled to the Reids. Before it was tore down my mother and I were aloud to go through one last time. Boy the memories we had there with all the cousins and the locals. By far the best place to grow up there.

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