Partnership Launch:

It is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with local online farmer’s market and food non-profit, Our partnership will focus on providing small to medium-size turkeys to local food-insecure households this Thanksgiving. will also be offering our turkeys for purchase and delivery on their website. 

After the launch, I received a lot of messages from friends and family that wanted to support Melitota Turkeys but were just too far away to make the drive to the farm. The logistics of shipping a fresh turkey is consuming to both my schedule and the farm’s budget. With balancing our newest venture as well as my full time job, the idea of creating a way to connect to our long distance support system took a back seat. 

Fortunately for Melitota Turkeys, I never stop talking. So when a friend asked how the launch went, I went into full detail about all of the feedback that we had received, including the questions from our friends who just happened to be scattered across the country. It just so happened this same friend, across the country in California, had this same question, but developed her own answer. She explained that purchasing a turkey to donate to a local family in need would be a perfect solution to providing a service to those who couldn’t be in the area for the holidays. This answer ignited my drive to find a partner who could provide the connections that we were lacking. 

Thankfully the eastern shore community led me to Lyle Pinder, Executive Director of Through weekly meetings, phone calls and emails, both teams created a partnership that benefits a small business, a food non-profit, and their surrounding community. Melitota Turkeys and is excited to offer two promotions. When you purchase your turkey through our Buy One Give One deal, you can buy your own Thanksgiving centerpiece at the same time as purchasing a turkey for a family facing hardships this holiday season. also offers the option to have your turkey delivered when purchasing our BOGO deal. We are also offering the ability to donate individual turkeys with our Give a Turkey promotion. 

It has been exactly one week since launching this partnership and I am truly blown away with support and kind words that we have received. Working with Lyle has truly been a pleasure. He has been an incredible resource for us in our inaugural season. We are so excited to see what this partnership has to bring for the future.

The last day to place your online order is Sunday November 8th. This will ensure you will receive your fresh bird. All turkeys can be picked up November 24th and 25th from 8am to 6pm at the farm. As we move closer to these dates, we will release our guidelines to ensure a safe environment for pick up.



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